Maastricht, behold! This is Kichaka coming to get you!

Xaver's Photo Diary

Follow Xaver on his journey through Hong Kong on his 6 month exchange from Maas.... read more

Demystifying Snapchat

Less than a year ago, Snapchat, the mobile app your younger sister is sending photos and videos to her friends with, was about to sink back into the mist of oblivion... read more

The Big Draw Maastricht

On the 9th of October the streets of Maastricht were transformed.... read more

The Significance Behind Slut Shaming

Many people have already stumbled onto the “Why am I a slut if sleep around, but he’s a player?” argument, and intriguing as that it is, lets venture a step deeper... read more

The Sharks of Maastricht

We spoke to Jeroen van Brakel, the president of M.S.Z.V Tiburón on the 30th of May at the.... read more


Our second theme this month is faces. It is interesting to see how a photographer can capture a face in a light unique to their own view. We asked several photographers around Maastricht... read more

Water Photos

Broaching the subject of winter and the cold. This photography piece aims to showcase photographers idea of the theme Water and their concept of how ubiquitous this fluid is on our planet. Xaver and Nicholas, both students in Maastricht, begin... read more


The Kunstfront (A.K.A Mandril Culture Centre) is a cultural and political Centre is an open space for active participation in collective creative culture in Maastricht, the Netherlands. Juliette Callebaut, one of the people actively involved around the building granted us access to an interview... read more