Our second theme this month is faces. It is interesting to see how a photographer can capture a face in a light unique to their own view. We asked several photographers around Maastricht to share their photos. If you are interested, email your photos to kichakamaastricht@gmail.com

Zoe Gorringe is an artist from London, currently studying Liberal Arts and Sciences in Maastricht. She has a deep fascination with photography and film making. The presence of a dark room at her school sparked her love for black and white in particular. Only recently, Zoe started taking more photos and uploading them online on her Facebook page (ZØZØ) and her Instagram (zozogorringe). However, for now it is a hobby, a way to be creative and share memories with friends. Although she does help people out if they need photos for a headshot or event, which is always fun! Her favourite photos are the spontaneous ones, when the shutter captures a fleeting glance or a smile. This moment in transition is really what she aims to capture when she take photos, the authenticity of someone's feelings in that moment, nothing too staged.
Check out her Instagram and Facebook page for more photos https://www.facebook.com/Z%C3%98Z%C3%98-496832793822193/ & https://www.instagram.com/zozogorringe/

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Klementine is a Maastricht based photographer with a love for beautiful people and old buildings, usually found out and about late at night trying to get the best shot of you enjoying your night. Klementine if often found snapping away at the groovy Love Foundation parties.
Find more on her photography here https://www.facebook.com/klementinekleinphotography/?fref=ts

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Catch Aliya's Instagram @Rangisaba

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Basma Otmani Parisian photographer & film-maker that will take you in her marvelous & grotesque world through a series of photos and short films.
Check out her photography at www.facebook.com/housofun www.basmaotmanitaswir.jimdo. com

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Alexandra Lazăr was born in Brasov, Romania but lived most of her life in Abu Dhabi. In her childhood she took pictures with her father’s camera and won her first camera in a lucky draw at the photography/baggage counter at her local supermarket. Having her own camera allowed her to capture her fascination with the sky. More recently, she is drawn to anonymous faces and photography is her way of holding onto them before they drift back into the crowd. The small details of nature- flowers, leaves, insects- are also subjects she enjoys photographing. They provide comfort.
You can find her photographs on her Tumblr page:http://teodora-lazar.tumblr.com/

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Stephanie Elizabeth a British student, residing in the Netherlands. For more of her photos visit http://bystephanieelizabeth.com

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