Raw Beauty Series #1: Alia Herrmann

Thursday November 26th 2015

A room of ones own is the most intimate place. It is a place where one can be themselves without the prying eyes of other people. It is a safe space where one can let go of all of the days anxieties. It is a reflection of oneself. Lovely Alia was brave enough to let me photograph her in that special place as well as sneak a few questions in.

Amongst peering her room, I found a strange object and I asked her what it was doing in her room…

‘’I was working at this festival outside of Maastricht for Viva Con Agua, and we were sitting at our stall and next to us was this candle stand and they told us to come over, so me and one of my friends, David went and we dipped our hands in wax. An hour later they said hey said why don’t you dip your foot in wax, and now I have a mould of my foot!”

Something beautiful written by Alia:

‘’If you face your weakness they become your weakness no more, instead they become your strength, one in which one will only enhance your definition of your idealistic life keep your eyes open and don't be afraid to dare and look around because every ugly duckling develops into a full grown swan’’