Raw Beauty Series #2: Catherine Russon

Monday, January 11th 2016

In the 2nd installment of our Raw Beauty series, Catherine gives us a glimpse into what she finds empowering! As they are truly beautiful, her sentiments should be read with the passion and vigour that she displayed upon speaking with me.

Something that has made me feel empowered in the recent years of my life, if you look at the grand scheme of things, is, firstly, growing my armpit hair and, secondly, shaving my head… Two things mostly to do with body hair.

Suppose somebody comes up to you and asks why you do it?

‘’When I first started doing it, I found it really repulsive. And that I found fascinating - that I was physically repulsed by something that grows naturally. I found it very strange that it was like ‘’social suicide’’ to grow your armpit hair. People found it socially unacceptable and thought it was disgusting. I thought this was a battle I would take on both for myself and for women’s rights in general. Having done it, I do receive a lot of shit, because people feel the need to comment on the way you look and on your appearance because you do something other than the norm. Now, suddenly everyone is an expert! In my opinion, doing this has showed me what a problem there is. Women are pressured to shave their bloody armpits when men aren’t and I want to live in a society where I have a free choice socially.‘’

Have you received snarky and spiteful remarks about this? Of course, it may not be easy to do something like this.

‘’Yes of course, I find it quite annoying when people say to me ‘’doesn’t it mean that people aren't interested in you and that you are undateable’’. From my experience, not at all, I personally have not had any trouble in that aspect. hehehehe. The comments I receive are more from women, which is most surprising. They say it is very inspiring, but it is not something they would be able to do. And that makes me feel more passionate and stronger because these are the people who should be supporting me, these are the women I am fighting for. I believe that we should have a free choice to decide what is beautiful, not what society and social media sells us in subtle ads.‘’