Water Photos

Broaching the subject of winter and the cold. This photography piece aims to showcase photographers idea of the theme Water and their concept of how ubiquitous this fluid is on our planet. Xaver and Nicholas, both students in Maastricht, begin our piece with a few photographs. If interested in the theme submit your photos to kichakamaastricht@gmail.com.

These photographs aim to capture the gravitational pull water has on the human face and body. Simultaneously showing the interplay between technology, nature and culture. Xaver is a photographer who grew up in Japan, Netherlands and Oman. His photography is in a state of evolution thus, he would not be able to define his style. He states that what and how he captures certain scenes is heavily contextually dependent but despite this he is consistently drawn to colour, lines and symmetry.

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Nicholas Fotiadis is an aspiring photographer born in Brussels. Nicholas’ interest in photography peaked after the purchase of his first DSLR in 2014. Although his main focus remains on symmetrical landscapes and architecture, Nicholas shows increased enthusiasm when performing portraiture and also wishes to broaden his scope to fashion photography. With Greek and Spanish nationalities, Nicholas shares his love of the sea through this series of pictures partly taken in Greece during the summer of 2015. In its many forms, water is further illustrated through a snowy Maastricht, a rainy Edinburgh and the use of a fountain inside the ruins of an ancient Byzantium monastery. Take a look at his Instagram for more pictures.

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Elena Gogna born in Milan, Italy, is an extremely versatile photographer. Her photography mirrors her vibrant personality and soul. The lighting she plays around with combined with stunning subjects in her work, captures the essence of a perfect moment. She enjoys the use of natural light and would wait hours to capture the perfect sunrise on top of a mountain in Bulgaria, similarly shown below in the sunset pictures.

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